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Small Problems Can Cause Large Ones. Don’t Let Your Shutter Repairs Wait.

Shutters go through a lot of wear and tear, but there’s nothing like an expert touch to make sure they stay functioning.

If your shutters have been damaged or simply have worn out over the years, Gulf Coast Shutter can help. Our shutter technicians can fix just about any shutter problem you might be facing. Our shutter repair team will bring everything they need to fix your shutters on-site, no matter who installed the system.

Because we have a local warehouse with common parts in stock, most repairs are done with one visit.

There are times when damage to shutters is too severe and they will need replacing.   If your shutters need updating or replacing, we can provide you with options specific to your needs.

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Regular maintenance keeps small problems from turning into big ones

Shutter problems usually start out small. Gone unnoticed, small issues can eventually lead to binding, damaged parts, track issues, and motor issues.

A little preventive maintenance can add years of life to your storm shutters. That’s why our team has developed regular service plans that cover all the details! Our maintenance programs are customized for individual homeowners or businesses depending on their specific needs. No reason to pay for services you won’t use. 

We can customize our maintenance programs for businesses, condominiums, or apartment buildings as well individual homes – whatever your needs may be.

check for proper attachment
check for proper operation
check All fasteners & hardware
clean and lubricate
Replace parts
reccomendations of other service

Current active-duty Military, Veterans and first responders will receive a discount on parts.

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When you need service, we’ll be there. Providing customer service is a top priority at our company. We’ve taken steps to ensure that this happens, including stocking common parts in our own warehouse.