Durasol Retractable Awnings

Marrying functionality, performance, and aesthetics

Durasol’s custom retractable awnings provide shade for sunny environments without having to close yourself off from the surrounding environment. Durasol exterior awnings will improve your comfort and quality of life.

Every house or business has a unique structure and exterior frame. This is why we offer a custom retractable awning with variable frame size specifications and over 500 different fabrics to choose from.

Durasol’s unique awnings can decorate the windows of your home or business, and their awnings will add shade to your terrace and protect your garden.


Durasol manufactures beautiful Italian awnings in the USA on a daily basis. Extensive research has led them to develop arm extenders for retractable and outdoor awnings. These arms are custom-made down to the finest detail, with your choice of many materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. Any residence or business will stand out, thanks in part to these custom awnings. They are simple, fit perfectly to their outdoor awnings, and blend naturally with your personal space.

All the awning arms are strong and are built to protect your awnings from potential damaging winds based on dimensions and exposure. Automated solar sensors and anemometers will warn you when it’s necessary to roll and wrap the canopy.

Durasol designs each unique retractable awning to match the needs of our clients and the surrounding environment. You choose from one of the multiple models available and fabric material from a choice of over 500 textiles which are all certified with different degrees of solar resistance. You can define the structure and find your awning solution, even for very large spaces.


  • Max measurement up to 46’ wide and up to 23’ projection
  • KE designed and patented technology avoids folds and creases during the rolling process
  • Elegant design reduces overall dimensions to produce an attractive profile, whether extended or retracted
  • Available wind, rain, and sun sensors allow for automation that helps to protect awnings against harmful weather
  • KE products are tested and rated to withstand windy conditions
  • Retractable arms are specifically designed for long service life
  • KE awnings are easy to install with fastening systems designed for
  • More than 500 fabrics to choose from in a wide variety of styles and colors
  • Available to increase beauty, functionality, and use

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