Alutech Ziptex

Turning outside areas into a useable room

Alutech United, Inc. has combined its expertise and experience as a window shutter manufacturer with the latest innovations in sun protection products to create an innovative solution – the ZIP TEX rolling solar screen. Through manufacturing efficiencies and component overlap, the Zip Tex system utilizes the best features of a rolling shutter, Alutech’s large inventory, and improved rolling screen features to deliver the very best rolling screen product in the marketplace.

Their Solar Shade screens are made of a unique woven mesh that blocks 75% to 90% of the sun’s rays before they enter your home. They also act as a way to keep insects out. However, the primary purpose of this fabric is to reduce the level of solar heat in the summer and save greater amounts of heat in the winter.


Improve your quality of living with a shading product built to handle the sun’s damaging rays and harsh exterior environment. The Zip Tex exterior rolling solar screen is the ideal product to control the sun’s heat, damaging rays, and glare. It will protect your home furnishings from fading and will also reduce your air conditioning expense by as much as (60%) sixty percent.

Wind Resistant

Our rolling screens feature a special side rail insert that allows the screen to flex under wind pressure—keeping your screen fully anchored in place.

Any type of establishment can benefit from Ziptex rolling screens from residential, commercial, and even restaurants and bars. Zip Tex can offer solar, wind, privacy, and comfort control at an instant’s notice.


  • Turns any outside area into a usable room: garages, patios, balconies, porches, gazebos, carports, or entryways.
  • Provides shading from the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduces television screen and computer monitor glare.
  • Reduces air conditioning expenses by as much as 30%
  • Protects home furnishings from fading
  • Enhances privacy without obstructing views.
  • Keeps out pesky insects and other unwanted pests.

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