Sunesta Retractable Awnings

Maximize the Benefits of a Retractable Awning When You Have It Custom Made

If you’re in the market for a patio awning for your home or business, you’re no doubt looking for an attractive way to shield an outdoor seating area or gathering spot from solar heat and glare whenever the sun is beating down. This is a smart move because you’ll be able to spend more time in your outdoor living area without becoming uncomfortable. However, choosing a retractable awning is an even better idea. One of the many benefits of selecting a Sunesta Retractable Awning instead of a fixed canopy is the ability to extend your overhead awning to enjoy shade on demand and retract it whenever you want to bask in the sun’s golden glow.

Details About our Retractable Awnings

Sunesta is a pioneer in the custom-manufactured retractable shade industry, and we’ve spent many years perfecting our craft and developing extra features that you can use to maximize the benefits of your investment in a retractable awning. For example, we understand that one of the advantages of a retractable awning over a fixed one is the ability to pull in your shade during high winds to protect it from damage. Thus, we offer optional wind sensors that can automatically retract your awning when the winds pick up, even if you’re not at home. We also offer both manually operated and electric retractable patio awnings. If you select the motorized version, you’ll have the option of adding wireless remote control and sun sensors for the optimal level of convenience.

Our Smart Fold technology allows our custom awnings to deploy in narrow projections and very vast projections.

Smart Park is a feature that makes sure your custom awning always aligns when opening or closing.
Smart Pitch is a feature unique to Sunesta that allows precision arm pitch with one easy adjustment.
Each custom made awning comes with Smart Strong, four (4) PVC protected arm cables for the ultimate in strength.
All hardware comes standard with Smart Caps. Complete protection from the elements.
Holding everything tight to your wall, ceiling or roof – our Smart Mount is an industry leader.


  • Custom SizeYour home and windows are unique. Our custom sized Sunesta window awnings will always be a perfect fit.

  • Frame ColorsSunesta has more custom frame color options than any other awning company. It is important that your home matches the colors you choose. Only at Sunesta.

  • Fabric SelectionSunesta offers 134 fabric options to choose from. When you select our beautiful custom awning, you are getting the most custom awning on the market.

  • Coated CableSmart PVC is a coated cable that allows you to enjoy ultimate protection for your awning.
  • Smart MountMaking sure your window awnings last through the toughest weather conditions is a priority. Smart Mounts will keep your window awnings looking like new.