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Regular maintenance keeps small problems from turning into big ones

Like any other mechanical moving device, the shutters need regular maintenance to maintain maximum performance. Shutter problems usually start out small and if they go unnoticed can eventually lead to binding, damaged parts, track issues, and motor issues. A little preventive maintenance can add years of life to your storm shutters.

Gulf Coast Shutter have come up with a simple and cost-effective maintenance agreement to assure your commercial door gets its required maintenance.  Choose the annual maintenance plan that best suits you.

Shutter maintenance tune-up consists of

check for proper attachment
check for proper operation
check All fasteners & hardware
clean and lubricate
Replace parts
reccomendations of other service

Current active-duty Military, Veterans and first responders will receive a discount on parts.

Shutter Maintenance

Check all side tracks and remove any accumulated debris. Run curtains closed (down position) and be sure the last blade on the bottom closes completely with all blades locking into one another. While your curtains are closed, spray down with a garden hose (*DO NOT Pressure Wash)* and wash well with any *good car soap/wax or boat wash*. Rinse well and let dry.

Spray down deployment hood (“can”) at top of system but do not spray inside of can. If you have electric rolling shutters *DO NOT Pressure Wash* the shutters. This tends to break that seal, ruin the motors, and may cause flaking or chipping to the paint. Your shutters have a strong beautiful paint system on them, but like any other painted surface, you need to wash and clean them too, but only as recommended. The use of a pressure washer will void your paint warranty with the shutter manufacturer.

As good as the paint system is, it too, would deteriorate and corrode if not maintained and cleaned periodically. Think what would happen if you never washed and cleaned your new car and just left it sitting at the beach for a year!

If your accordions have pins with thumb screws, open and remove thumb screws on locking pins and lubricate with “Corrosion X” (available at ACE Hardware). If your accordions have Velcro straps, then make sure the straps attach properly.

Spray the lock as well. Close and lock your shutter curtains completely. As with the Rolling Shutters above, wash, rinse, and dry all vertical blades along with upper and lower tracking systems. This will ensure your security and safety in the event of a hurricane and provide you with years of reliable protection.

Washing and cleaning are essential to maintaining the beauty, function, and protection of each of these shutter systems. Lubricate thumb screws on Bahama arms and make sure all shutters will lock down in the storm position. For rated Colonials, locate all storm bars and stainless bolts, close shutters and lock down, making sure all thread sets in shutter are clear of dirt and debris.

(*Again, as a reminder, Gulf Coast Shutter does not recommend the use of a pressure washer for Rolling, Accordion, Bahama & Colonial Shutters.)

Like all plastics, your Lexan product panels should be cleaned periodically. Regular once-a-year cleaning program will help prevent noticeable weathering and dirt build-up. Spray off loose debris and dirt with water hose; do not use a pressure washer on flat panels that are permanently installed on your home or you may end up with water between the panel and window. If more cleaning is needed, use a soft cloth or sponge and a mild soap, followed by a cold-water rinse. Be sure to not clean in direct sunlight. Always refer to manufacturer’s warranty and cleaning procedures.

To clean your metal storm panels, spray off loose debris and dirt with a water hose. Please use gloves while you are handling or installing your storm panels. Take time to verify you know how the panels should be fitted on your windows and/or doors (matching the opening number with the number on your panel). Store your panels indoors in a dry place to help avoid corrosion.

Spray off loose debris and dirt with water hose. Take time verify you know the appropriate location for each of your screens. Store your screens indoors in a dry place if possible.

For rollbdown fabric screens, remember not to roll up while still wet. Make sure they are entirely dry before retraction.

To clean your awning, spray off loose debris and dirt with water hose. For bird droppings and attached residue, use warm water and a soft scrub brush, then rinse. After removing loose dirt and residue, allow the awning to completely dry then coat with rain repellent, such as Scotch Guard.

When using the rain repellent, test the corner for color fastness. If the fabric passes the colorfast test, then lightly mist the entire fabric area of the awning with rain repellent and let it dry completely before retracting it.

If your awning has tougher stains such as mildew you can try to remove the stain by using mild soap such as Ivory Snow or Woolite, with warm water and a soft scrub brush. Avoid using any product with the word *detergent* in it. *Again, only use a mild soap.* After using the soap, you must be sure to rinse the awning thoroughly, with the water hose. Allow the awning to dry completely and then coat the awning with the rain repellent by following the steps above.

Proper care for the frame of the awning includes rinsing with the water hose, wiping it down with a soft cloth and using 100% silicone. Do not use lubricants such as WD-40 as they will leave a residue and may stain the fabric. If your awning does not retract, you will disregard this step. The frequency of cleaning depends on your location. If you are inland, you should clean your awning twice a year. If, however, you reside on the ocean, you will need to clean your awning once per month, due to the salt air.

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