Crimsafe Security Screen

Crimsafe Fixed Window Panels are non-moving panel that can be face-fitted using our angled frame, or they can be fixed in the flyscreen track.

All Crimsafe windows use the unique Screw-Clamp technology… tamper-resistant screws go through a metal clamp, then through the Tensile-Tuff® mesh and then they’re driven right into the frame, to hold the mesh in a “vice-like” grip which give the window enormous strength against attack.

Emergency exit window security screens

Crimsafe has designed Safe-S-Capes®, a keyless emergency exit system that secures your windows against intruders, but still allows you to get out quickly and easily if you need to. Safe-S-Capes can be hinged or sliding, making them suitable to fit hinged, sash or sliding windows.

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